The Resource Basket supports those who support rural Alaska Native youth. Here is how we do it:


Free & culturally responsive technical assistance for anybody supporting Native rural youth.  
In-Person and remote training on evidence-based strategies for working with youth.
Hand-picked resources for professionals and supportive adults across rural Alaska.

We are a program of The Rural Alaska Community Action Program and funded by The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention:

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We are a team of professionals devoted to improving the lives of Alaska’s youth.

Tara Stiller
Program Manager

Alutiiq/Aleut from Old Harbor, AK. Her family and heritage is from Old Harbor and King Cove, Alaska. She is a proud mother of two. She obtained higher education in the field of Public Health to support her passion—to decrease and/or eliminate health disparities among her fellow Alaska Native people.  She strives to develop culturally appropriate and effective health interventions to increase health and wellness among Alaska Natives.  She hopes to continue to work to develop programs that support links to traditional ways while reinforcing the wisdom in our many cultures and languages.  I hope to see this program gain traction to not only see a positive health impact on Alaska Natives, but a cultural revival of our traditional way of living.Working at RurAL CAP supports her mission in supporting and sustaining healthy Alaska Native families for generations to come.

Greg Anelon
Technical Assistance Coordinator

Yupik and Denaina, raised in Newhalen. He provides a wealth of knowledge working in Rural Alaska as an Educator and as a City Administrator. He will be providing technical assistance to the Alaska OJJDP Grantees under the Program Areas 8 Healing to Wellness and  9 Tribal Youth Program grantees in Alaska. He is a long time Bristol Bay fisherman and enjoys participating in Subsistence activities.

Joel Turman
Technical Assistance Coordinator

Joel joined RurAL CAP for a year of service through AmeriCorps in February of 2016. Since then, he has been supporting staff and building capacity for The Resource Basket by conducting outreach, improving program sustainability, and increasing the resources and opportunities available on the website. Joel moved to Alaska from Houston, Texas and is excited to explore and meet people all across the state.