"Safe in the Village" – A New Film from the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s (ANTHC) HIV/STD Prevention Program has partnered with rural Alaskan communities to create “Safe in the Village”, a film about three friends dealing with things like relationships, sex and alcohol while thinking about their futures.

Three friends in a living room speaking and passing a basketball

Three stars of “Safe in the Village”

Ben has an easy laugh and is always in trouble, at school or with his Auntie! But he has a big heart and has always been a good friend.
Matt is the oldest and the smallest. But most people forget about his size, because his personality stands a foot taller. And he never misses a shot on the basketball court.
Sarah has been by their side since before they could all walk. As she grew older, and her voice blossomed into a true talent, she shared her love of music.
Two friends appear to be in a serious discussion while in a party atmosphere

Ben and Matt have a discussion at a party

Will these three friends meet and overcome the obstacles of youth? How will they navigate through issues like sex, alcohol and bullying? Will they reach out to the trusted adults in their lives when facing these challenges?
Safe in the Village shows safe behaviors to deal with exactly these issues. The Safe in the Village DVD is available for free to any community member interested in supporting youth and comes with a facilitator guide. The guide covers how to plan and host a viewing and discussion session with youth.
A woman standing to address the audience during a presentation

A community health aid speaks to the youth

The making of Safe in the Village was no small feat. The ANTHC HIV/STD Prevention Program met with nearly 100 youth in rural Alaska. Their stories, perspectives, and concerns formed the foundation of the project with supporting input coming from tribal elders, healthcare providers, educators, and parents. Alaska Native talent shines in the Safe in the Village movie that was filmed in stack of "safe in the village" DVDsKotzebue and Anchorage. Recorded interviews with the actors take us behind-the-scenes and give a glimpse into their lives and how their experiences relate to the experiences of Ben, Matt, Sarah and other characters.
To learn more or order your free copy of SITV, visit here.
iknowmine is a program run by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to help support Alaska Native youth in living healthy lives.

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