Tanacross Youth Support RPC 2017

August 17, 2017
The youth of Tanacross worked tirelessly to prepare their Village of Tanacross for the 34th Annual Rural Providers’ Conference (RPC) held there July 31 to August 4.  They helped clean the village so people could easily park or camp for the meeting.  Then they assisted the village carpenters build tables and benches for the new hall.  The men and many of the boys, one as young as 11, went hunting with a special permit, and a youth was able to bring down a moose for the RPC.  They helped dress it and prepare it for cooking.
The young people helped prepare the New Hall, which was used for the very first time at the Opening Ceremonies on Monday night, July 31st.  Village leaders honored and thanked the youth.  On behalf of the youth, Revyn Almquist, spoke how special it was to be able to help the village.
Each day, the village provided breakfast, lunch and dinner to the participants.  With buffet style, youth brought the elders a plate of food or bowls of soup; others served themselves.  On potlatch style, the youth, mostly young boys and men, served everyone from large trays filled with moose meat, fish, pasta salads or greens.  Adolescent and young girls prepared cups of special fruit or bowls of other foods.
Throughout the meetings, youth took care of the tables and chairs, the clean up of plates and cups and taking care of the trash and cleaning the halls after the last  event.   In the evenings, they proudly sang their songs!
They were a continuous and hard-working presence at the RPC.  Many of the people from other parts of the state were so impressed by their contribution.   All the visitors, stakeholders included, told RurAL CAP, please thank Tanacross for us, but especially thank the youth!

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