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The Resource Basket offers free, online training through a Supporting Youth Webinar Series.

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Our webinars feature Alaska-based presenters sharing their expertise and best-practices for working with and supporting Alaska’s youth in strength-based ways. Trainings are presented for adults working or volunteering with youth, except where noted.

If you have recommendations for topics you would like to see featured, or if you want to present on a future webinar, contact us today.

Upcoming Webinars

Growing the Next Generation of Healthy Youth.

Join us!  Tribal Youth Wellness – Nourished Minds and Healthy Bodies

  • FREE webinar training
  • Date: January 30th from 11AM-12PM
  • Presented by Tara Stiller

Growing the Next Generation of Healthy Youth will discuss ways to integrate traditional and modern-day knowledge of nutrition and physical activity to decrease obesity and chronic disease among Alaska Native families.  The host of this webinar is Tara Christiansen-Stiller, Alutiiq/Aleut (MPH), her families are from King Cove and Old Harbor Alaska.  It is her passion is to empower communities to support the health and wellness of youth through the teaching of the ways of life both before (like our ancestors) and today (in the modern world). 

The younger generations of Alaska Natives are losing knowledge of traditional practices of a healthy way of living and gradually relying more on high-energy foods and a sedentary lifestyle that is contributing to an increase in overweight and obesity.  Communities can foster a social/cultural environment that will promote positive changes in knowledge, cultural identity, and encourage healthful eating and physical activity among youth.

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Who should attend?

Youth providers and community members wanting to learn about culturally-responsive approaches to promote healthful behavior. 

Presenter:  Tara Christiansen-Stiller, MPH, Community Development Supervisor.

Calricaraq Training

  • Date: March 26 - 28, 2019
  • RurAL CAP | 731 East 8th Avenue Anchorage, AK 99501

About Calricaraq Workshop

The goal of this training is to provide a three-day interactive and informational presentation on the Indigenous wellness practices of the “Calricaraq”.  Participants will learn components of Calricaraq: Understanding of Historical Trauma, Healing and Rediscovery of Ancestral Ways of promoting health and wellness.  This restorative practice will help communities to identify and model their unique Ancestral Ways (principals) to help maintain health and balance.  Upon completion of this training participants will receive a certificate and will have the skills to utilize Calricaraq activities utilizing a path aligned with their community’s value of supporting Alaska Native youth while restoring overall community wellness.

Calricaraq Workshop Travel Scholarship

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Note: RurAL CAP sponsorship will cover needed expenses for the most direct schedule of travel; any extended travel arranged is at your own expense. If proposed alternative dates of travel are more expensive, you will be responsible for reimbursing the difference to RurAL CAP, which will be communicated and agreed upon prior to airline purchases.

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