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Our mission is to support Alaska Native communities and service providers as they grow healthy, successful and culturally connected Alaska Native Youth.

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2021 Events

Upcoming in November & December

  • 11/3-5/2021:  American Indian Justice Conference

  • 11/10/2021:  HNY- Tackle Trauma with Care
  • 11/11/2021:  Children COVID-19 Vaccines: Hear from Alaska Pediatricians and ask them questions
  • 11/16/2021:  TYRC Talking Circle: Honoring Indigenous Environmental Connections
  • 11/18/2021:  A Native Youth Leadership Round Table Discussion: Celebrating Native American Heritage Month
  • 11/18-19/2021: Alaska Afterschool Conference (Amplify!)
  • 12/1-2/2021:  Fy 2022 CTAS Pre-application Workshop
  • 12/8/2021:  HNY –   Set the Stage for Program Success
  • 12/10/2021:  6th Annual Restorative Justice Summit
  • 12/23/2021:  ACT Substance Misuse and Prevention 
  • 1/18-20/2022:  Alaska Health Summit

Celebrating Alaska's Indigenous People

We are dedicating October and November to honoring Alaska Native people, cultures and knowledge.

Our goal is to make language revitalization a daily, long-term movement as a preservation of Indigenous cultures and wellbeing.  Speaking different languages and dialects have many positive effects for the survival of Alaska Native cultures and traditions. 

October Challenge:  30 days of language revitalization activity.

Say it in your language

  • Day 1:  “Hello!”
  • Day 2:  “Grandparent(s)”
  • Day 3:  “Favorite Food”
  • Day 4:  “Favorite place on the land”
  • Day 5:  “Where is your family from?”
  • Day 6:  “Thank You!”
  • Day 7:  “What is the indigenous name for your village?”

Share your success story with RurAL CAP!

RurAL CAP Online Media Release Form

Please review and sign the online RurAL CAP media release form before submitting your story, photo and/or video clips saying the words in your language.  You are welcome to reflect on ‘what language revitalization mean to you’ in your success story.  

Community of Practice

Resources & Webinars

The Resource Basket is not a direct service provider.   We are here to provide helpful links to connect parents, families, caregivers and the community at large with the resources needed to protect Alaska Native youth and strengthen Alaska’s tribal communities.  Click on the following image icons to get the full resources on each supporting topics.

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Alcoholism & FASD

Calricaraq Workshop

Circle Facilitator

Circle Peacemaking

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Domestic Violence

Healthy Teen Relationships

LGBTQIA & Two-Spirit People

Mindfulness 2020

Racism Talk


Suicide Prevention

Teen Speak

Tobacco Prevention

Trainings & Webinars


Spotlight on You!

Read inspiring success stories of individuals and tribal youth programs helping youth become healthy, successful adults. 

Connor Has Pride

(June 2021) Connor Ulmer brings heritage of pride, embracing June as LGBTQ and Two-Spirit month with courage and strength.

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Spotlight on Rebekah

(May 2021) Rebekah Contreras shares her story of hope during COVID-19 in recognition of May Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Keet Kids Run

(March 2021) Parents and guardians of program participants were grateful to have Keet Kids Run as an option for their children this year.

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More Storytelling

(2013-Now) Read more inspiring stories from people all across Alaska.

More Storytelling

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