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We want to know that you are never alone.  Whether you are a volunteer, youth professional, program administrator, or a parent, The Resource Basket is here to support you and the work you do with rural Alaska Native youth.  Connect with us today and let’s work together to support healthy, resilient, and culturally-connected youth. 

Connecting is always free.

What We Do

The Resource Basket’s Training and Technical Assistance Program

On this website, you can request Training and Technical Assistance, find news, tools and opportunities. Foremost, The Resource Basket provides a hub for communities to share successes and resources. Organizations, families and Elders will be able to connect with statewide partners and experts to support and inspire Alaska’s youth.

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About Our Webinars

RurAL CAP staff and partners offer professional training for youth serving professionals, volunteers, and supportive adults.  We host several training events each year and offer travel scholarships pending funding availability.

Our webinars feature Alaska-based presenters sharing their expertise and best-practices for working with and supporting Alaska’s youth in strength-based ways. Trainings are presented for adults working or volunteering with youth, except where noted.

Our Alaska Grantees

The Resource Basket provides Training and Technical Assistance to the Alaska Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and Juvenile Healing to Wellness Court grantees.


RurAL CAP is passionate about providing opportunities and resources for professionals working with ‘youth’.  Please share with us how the services and trainings provided by RurAL CAP have impacted your community through your servicing role?  

Meet The Staff

We are a team of professionals devoted to improving the lives of Alaska’s youth.


  • Eva Gregg
  • Kimberly Martus
  • Joie Millett

This website is a shared work in progress. Help fill The Resource Basket!  Do you have specific training, resources, or services to share?

The Resource Basket

This is a RurAL CAP affiliated program.