Alaska Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (AJJAC)

Ongoing recruiting!

The Alaska Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (AJJAC) is seeking additional members to meet the federal requirements for stakeholder representation. If these deficiencies are not resolved, Alaska is at risk of losing the Title II Formula grant funding. AJJAC is currently seeking a member in each of the following stakeholder groups:

  • Locally elected official representing general purpose local government,
  • Alaska Native tribal representative, or other individual with significant expertise in tribal law enforcement and juvenile justice in tribal communities…

Seeking Alaska Stakeholder Reps

Webinar recording of July 30, 2020 AJJAC conversation.

Presenters Contact Info

Contact Ellen Hackenmueller

Program Coordinator II
Division of Juvenile Justice
Direct: 907-465-1389
Fax: 907-465-2333

Contact Amy Gorn

Program Officer
Mat-Su Health Foundation
Direct: 907-373-2813
Cell: 907-315-5510

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