Alaska Native Heritage Month

Alaska Native Heritage Month

National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month during November celebrates the enriching cultures and abundance of traditions.  Alaska Native history overflows with a variety of diverse groups and prominent leaders.

For the month of November, take time to honor those who have come before; to raise awareness; to embrace cultural ties; and to educate the public about tribes and the unique challenges Native people have faced both historically and in the present. 

Celebrating American Indians and Alaska Natives

The month of November

Youth Engaging Observance Activities

Resources for tribes:

Read a Alaska Native history book, or a novel that dives into the history and traditions of native people:


  • Alaska’s First People by Judy Ferguson
  • Living Our Cultures, Sharing Our Heritage, The First Peoples of Alaska (Smithsonian Books, Washington DC)
  • My Name is Not Easy by Debby Dahl Edwardson
  • Minuk: Ashes in the Pathway (Yup’ik Alaska) by Kirkpatrick Hill
  • The Tanana Chiefs: Native Rights and Western Law by William Schneider

Native Youth Olympics

Play, practice, improve your NYO game skills!

Help preserve your culture and strengthen the future of Alaskan youth through games.  Take this 30-day November challenge to improve your agility, balance, and strength skills.

Tell Your Story

Embrace your heritage – how?

Share with us!

Social Media Activity

Throughout the month of November, highlight what it means to be an ‘Alaska Native’ and proudly share it on your social media page (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

  • Post a picture of you in your cultural regalia,
  • Storytelling – share traditional stories,
  • Share cultural activities – singing, dancing, drumming, etc,
  • Cook a memorable traditional recipe.

Keep Talking!

Embrace your heritage – how?

Share with us!


Below are videos provided by showing how uniting with language learning and cultural teachings is essential to positive youth development:

Hightlighting Your Story

Create your video of what it means to be ‘you’ and submit on your own social media page to share with friends.

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