Circle Keeper Training

Alaska Circle Keeper Training

2024 Dates Coming Soon! ~ Anchorage, AK

The goal of this training is to provide a three-day interactive and informational presentation on Circle Peacemaking. The training will familiarize participants with the role of Circle Keeper – the facilitation of Talking Circles with the purpose of creating an environment and the opportunity to discuss important and sometimes difficult things in a good way. Participants will learn and share the intentions, philosophies, and styles of different approaches to using a Circle for restorative practices in two tracks: tribal courts and tribal youth programs. 

About the Workshop & Resources

Dates to be announced!

An in-depth exploration for village councils, community leaders, and other interested community members.

The Peacemaking Circle effort itself will benefit as more people become aware of it and traditional Circle concepts become more familiar in the community.  Purpose of being involved in Circle trainings:  

  • To benefit from a growing appreciation for their traditional culture, and a greater number of individuals in their own community who are prepared to move into roles in Tribal Justice, or to apply Circle Principles in other areas of service.
  • To benefit from the gradual adoption of these principles into their social and administrative discussion, improving relations and leading to better outcomes when important decisions or difficult conversations are called for.
  • To benefit the increasing use of these traditional practices, and easier acceptance of the Circle by those referred.

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This is a RurAL CAP affiliated program.