Circle Peacemaking Workshop

April 9-11, 2019

Circle Peacemaking Workshop

Our communities utilized the Circle process for many things with different methods, names, and protocol.  It is vital to create balance in our communities and support overall health and wellness.  The circle is not only approved by our Ancestors, but is also an evidence-based tool that has been proven a useful tool in juvenile delinquency, alcohol/substance abuse, and conflict resolution. 

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About the Workshop

Circle Peacemaking Workshop

The goal of this training is to provide a three-day interactive and informational presentation on the Circle Peacemaking.  Participants will learn and share the intentions, philosophies, and styles of different approaches to using a Circle for restorative practices, and identify a path aligned with their community’s value of supporting Alaska Native youth while restoring overall community wellness.

  • April 9-11, 2019
  • Location:  RurAL CAP – 731 E. 8th Ave, Anchorage, Alaska

The Driftwood Activity

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Mike Jackson

What is Circle Peacemaking?

This video — produced by the Organized Village of Kake — depicts the restoration of traditional methods of dispute resolution the Organized Village of Kake adopted Circle Peacemaking as its tribal court in 1999. Circle Peacemaking brings together victims, wrongdoers, families, religious leaders, and social service providers in a forum that restores relationships and community harmony. With a recidivism rate of nearly zero, it is especially effective in addressing substance abuse-associated crimes.

Additional Resources

Supporting Tribal Communities in Alaska

The Resource Basket is not a direct service provider.   We are here to provide helpful links to connect parents, families, caregivers and the community at large with the resources needed to protect Alaska Native youth and strengthen Alaska’s tribal communities.

Travel Scholarships

Travel Form for April 9-11, 2019

The Resource Basket provides travel scholarships as funding is available, if you are interested in attending a Circle training, please contact our team at The travel scholarships will be awarded to community members who work with youth to support positive development, cultural education and traditional practices as well as modern day practices.  We have limited travel scholarships available, so if you are interested, please contact us today!

Travel Notice

Questions regarding travels:

Do you need or want other dates of travel other than the most direct and efficient route to/from your home community to Anchorage? If yes, explain. NOTE: RurAL CAP sponsorship will cover needed expenses for the most direct schedule of travel; any extended travel arranged is at your own expense. If proposed alternative dates of travel are more expensive, you will be responsible for reimbursing the difference to RurAL CAP, which will be communicated and agreed upon prior to airline purchases.

Questions?  Contact Laura Knapp, Community Outreach Support at

Get Involved

This committee has been vital to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the Resource Basket’s circle training and technical assistance efforts.

The Resource Basket is seeking new membership in our Circle Peacemaking Advisory Committee, a small group of statewide Circle Keepers that meets quarterly and works to guide the circle training initiative.  The Circle Advisory Committee attends and co-facilitates at the circle training and conducts daily debriefing meetings with members after each training day.  The Circle Advisory Committee members are working towards increasing the use of a traditional method towards conflict resolution, restorative justice, and health and wellness in everyday life.

Join us and become a Circle Peacemaking Committee member!

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