ALERT!  New Grants and Payment Management Systems Coming October 2020!

Justice Grants System (JustGrants)

Official announcement from the U.S. Department of Justice:

On October 15, 2020, the Office of Justice Programs (OJP) and the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) will transition to the Department of Justice’s Justice Grants System (JustGrants) for all grants management activities.  The Grants Management System (GMS) will no longer be available after September 22, 2020.  Data for all current active awards will be migrated from GMS to JustGrants.  This will include all open, active awards and any awards that have not yet reached final closure.  Once migrated, all award management activities will take place in JustGrants starting October 15, 2020.  In the weeks leading up to the transition, there are a number of actions that current award recipients will need to take.


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JustGrants Training Resources

For Alaska Grantees

About JustGrants Training Resources

The first series of JustGrants training videos and reference guides is now available on the Justice Grants website training resources page. These resources provide users with an overview of JustGrants and direction on how to manage entity profiles and users within the new system.

Additional training resources will be posted on the website as they become available. All training opportunities are expected to be posted and available for users by September 15, 2020.

Training for external Entity Users will be delivered through a series of self-guided eLearning videos on how to navigate through JustGrants and complete various essential tasks. The videos, which include closed captioning, will be supplemented by reference guides and infographics that will provide further clarification, definitions, and visual representations of unique processes and information.

Save the Dates!

Timeline of transition

  • AUGUST 31, 2020:  JustGrants opened for external grantee organizations to securely enroll users and preview their entity data in the new system.
  • AUGUST-OCTOBER 2020:  Training will be available to external users through web-based e-learning courses, job aids, and virtual Q&A sessions. Additional information will be forthcoming.
  • SEPTEMBER 22, 2020:  Legacy systems, including GMS, NexGen, and GPRS, are discontinued.
  • SEPTEMBER 23 – OCTOBER 14, 2020:   Final data migration and “cutover” activities from the legacy systems to JustGrants occur. 

Grantees will NOT have access to their grants during this time period. Please ensure you have resolved any time-sensitive matters prior to September 22.

  • OCTOBER 15, 2020:  JustGrants is launched and grantees begin using the ASAP system.

JustGrants eLearning Videos

Training Videos

Taken from the JustGrants official page

To supplement the eLearning videos, reference guides, and infographics, a series of virtual question and answer sessions will be facilitated for internal and external users. The first virtual question and answer session for external users is scheduled for September 15, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. (EST). The session will focus on Entity Onboarding to help entities update their JustGrants entity profiles and add entity users. 

Entity Management

Learn how Entity Administrators manage their entity profiles, users, and documents. Understand the role of the Entity Administrator and the additional foundational JustGrants roles and their respective capabilities.

Entity User Experience

Learn how to navigate the JustGrants Landing Page and access information available on the Home Page for taking action on work assigned to each user.

Application Submission

Gain an understanding of the application process in JustGrants. Learn how to submit an application, locate a submitted application, and complete a budget detail form.

JustGrants Grantee Award Acceptance

Learn steps the Authorized Representative takes to accept or decline an award and to review and accept the sections in the Award Package.

JustGrants Managing Funded Awards

Learn how and where you will manage funded awards. Locate and understand award information, such as Award Package, Award Conditions, and Award Details.

Financial Reporting

Locate and understand the Federal Financial Report (FFR) quarterly reporting periods and due dates. Learn steps for submitting an FFR and on editing and resubmitting a Quarterly FFR.

Videos coming soon!

Are You Ready for JustGrants?

Guidance with JustGrants & ASAP

Transition to JustGrants and ASAP

To support users in the transition to JustGrants and ASAP, a step-by-step checklist has been posted that covers all of the necessary steps your entity will need to take before JustGrants launches on October 15, 2020.

View the JustGrants checklist: 

Learn about ASAP and view checklist: 

Virtual Q&A sessions

Users only need to attend one of the sessions per topic area.  Sessions will run 1 – 1.5 hours. 

9AM Alaska Time/1PM Eastern Time

  • OCT 6 & 20 session: Application Submission and Award Acceptance
  • OCT 8 , 21, 29 session:  Award Management and Grant Award Modifications
  • OCT 14 & 27 session: Financial Reporting, Performance Reporting, and Closeout

Transition to ASAP

Guidance with ASAP

Information Page on ASAP

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) legacy systems, including GMS, NexGen, and GPRS, will be discontinued on September 22, 2020.

As a reminder, OJP is authorizing grantees to drawdown 30 days advance funding in the Grants Payment Request System (GPRS) beginning September 15-22 (next week)! If the grantee is not able to spend the funds (greater than $50,000) within 10 days after expiration of the 30-day advance funding period (October 15-22, 2020, depending on the date of the drawdown), the grantee will have to return the funds to OJP.

OJP Grantee Action Dates for System Transition has additional information about the system transition from GMS to JustGrants as well as a “How to Get Ready” section to prepare for the transition. Make sure you are subscribed to email updates and are frequently checking the JustGrants website during the transition for newly posted training resources, reference guides, key activities, and FAQs.

Please also review the Preparing for Entity Onboarding announcement as it includes important information regarding enrollment which were sent to your entity’s SAM Electronic Business Point of Contact (E-Biz POC) from DIAMD-NoReply@usdoj.gov. If your E-Biz POC did not receive an invitation early last week, they may need to check their spam for the invitation. To ensure continued receipt of email announcements regarding the transition, it is recommended to also add justice_grants@public.govdelivery.com to your email system’s “trusted sender” list (or equivalent).

The new system, JustGrants will provide:

  • Improved access to and accuracy of data
  • Reduced need for manual data entry
  • Efficient and automated workflows
  • Enterprise-wide access to data
  • Access to online forms with built-in data validation
  • Streamlined end to end processes

Contact your OVC Grant Manager, TFMC Financial Specialist, or the TFMC Virtual Support Center at TFMC@OVCTFMC.org or 703.462.6900 if you have any questions about the system transition to JustGrants.

Registration with ASAP

Guidance with ASAP enrollment

Have You Registered With ASAP?

ASAP enrollment started on July 1, and all invitations to enroll have been sent to Entity Administrators. Once you receive your enrollment invitation, we encourage you to register with ASAP as soon as possible to avoid any delays in payment as we transition to the new systems.

For guidance with ASAP enrollment, view the ASAP registration checklist: 

Just Grants Roles

Guidance with ASAP enrollment


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