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Alaska Native Human Rights

December 2019

Celebrating Diversity, Traditions, and Histories

Cultural Connection Through Sharing and Transformation

Throughout history, the United States has denied American Indian and Alaska Native individuals the fundamental rights to education, health, and the ability to govern their own tribal lands.  That all changed when the Alaska Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945 was enacted, a law that would forbid discrimination based on race.

This year, in December, nations across  is special time of month to reflect on the way we treat others and to learn about discrimination and equality so that people across the nation are allowed to live in liberty and safety.

Get Involved

Youth engaging activities to celebrate Human Rights Month

  1. Set up a free expression wall using a giant piece of paper and encouraging the youth to write about what human rights mean to them.  (for example:  what does freedom mean to you?)
  2. Write an article in the school’s newspaper addressing the importance of human rights in your community.
  3. Perform a youth-friendly play about the Alaska Anti-Discrimination Act of 1945 and Elizabeth Peratrovich  [>>>  READ HERE <<<]  https://archives.alaska.gov/education/peratrovich.html:
  1. Volunteer at charity organizations (or community events) that works to support and spread Alaska Native rights.
  1. Hold a talent show, dance, or party: Big social events are a great way to bring awareness to an issue, so why not have a human rights-themed party?
  2. Facebook – Social media: Encourage friends and family to change their profile pictures to an individualized Human Rights Day banner.
  3. Hold a candlelight vigil or other commemorative event:  The topic of human rights are serious business. Consider holding a vigil or other event to remember those who have suffered human rights abuses and those whose human rights are still violated.

Working With Youth

Resources – Serving Alaska’s Youth

Supplemental Resources

The Resource Basket is not a direct service provider.   We are here to provide helpful links to connect parents, families, caregivers and the community at large with the resources needed to protect Alaska Native youth and strengthen Alaska’s tribal communities.

Crisis Lines

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Health & Wellness

Substance Abuse:    Recovery is a different path for everyone.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) are a group of conditions that can occur in a person whose mother drank alcohol during pregnancy.  These effects may include physical, mental, behavioral and/or learning disabilities with lifelong implications.

Trauma & Resilience Background



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