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The Resource Basket offers free resources for youth providers, pediatric physicians, and community members.

NCJTC Alcohol and Substance Abuse - Recorded Webinars

National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC)

Co-Occuring Disorders Simplified

Recorded:  April 7, 2021

Clients present with myriad needs and complexities, and complex clients require complex solutions. This is especially important for clients with mental health considerations. This webinar will focus on understanding mental health symptoms and what tribal service providers and criminal justice professionals can do from a very practical perspective. 

Neurobiology of Addiction – Beyond the Basics

Recorded:  March 31, 2021

Previous webinars have laid the foundation regarding the impact of addiction on the brain. Join us to go the next level and explore what can be done to support tribal members’ journeys out of addiction. 

Building Stress-Resilient Tribal Communities

Recorded:  November 4, 2020

Review stress factors, the toxic stress of poverty, the correlation between stress and alcohol and substance abuse, and the protective nature of community on stress resilience. Discuss the generational impact on stress resilience. Explore the predictive quality of social and community support on building stress resilience and stress management and reduction strategies.

Tribal Youth Resource Center- Recorded Webinars

Providing national training and technical assistance (TTA) services to tribes and tribal organizations

Tribal Law & Policy Institute

The Tribal Youth Resource Center is committed to changing the narrative and the future for our American Indian/Alaska Native youth. According to the global nonprofit Aspen Institute, these young people are the single most at-risk population in our country. Besides deficits in health care and education, our youth face serious challenges because of poverty, addiction, and suicide rates, as well as increased violence and gang activity.

Alaska Tribal Justice Resource Center

Providing statewide training and technical assistance (TTA) services to Tribes and tribal organizations 

Rural Alaska Community Action Program

The ATJRC is a statewide training and technical assistance (TTA) center established in the fall of 2019 with funding from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance. The ATJRC organized was to respond to the unique, unmet and emerging training and technical assistance needs of Alaska Tribes and tribal organizations involved in developing and enhancing their respective tribal justice systems. The ATJRC collaborates with our two sister TTA programs which provides similar services to: Tribal Youth Programs and Tribal Juvenile Healing to Wellness Courts through the Resource Basket which is funded by OJJDP, and to Domestic Violence programs funded by the Denali Commission.

Get in-depth information and resources on the following subject matters: 

  • Tribal Courts
  • Domestic Violence
  • Reentry Programs
  • Healing to Wellness Courts
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Circle Peacemaking

Juvenile Healing to Wellness

Resources for tribes:

Tribal Courts

Tribal courts in Alaska have the opportunity to make huge impacts in the lives of tribal members and the community.  Supporting traditional values, cultures, and practices through the use of tribal courts in essential to making a difference. 

The Resource Basket

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