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How Dog Mushing Helps Village Youth

George and Kathy brought four youth to participate in the 2013 Junior North American Sled Dog Races in North Pole, Alaska. According to George, they’ve never had a junior musher from Huslia participate in the Junior North American Sled Dog Races. The youth from Huslia had to decide who to send to the races and elected four students to participate. Student Thomas Henry placed second in the three day race. He enjoyed listening to stories and hanging out with George. He said, “It keeps me out of the house and is pretty fun.”

Thomas Henry returning – Feb. 2013

Trisha Madros's Story

Trisha is a voice for the youth when they have troubles or a conflict. I am not judgmental, I tell them: ‘I can’t tell you right from wrong, I can just guide you.’  She shares with them experiences of peoples’ pasts: drug and alcohol use, and various other problems. These are real experiences from people the youth know: It is better to learn from your own people from within, rather than bringing someone in from the outside. They [the youth] know it-it really touches their hearts to see that.

Trisha Madros

Wilma Bell-Joe

Leadership and caring can help all community members succeed, especially youth.  Wilma noticed the teens in her community lacked activities. She also recognized their potential, “I have to stand up, I have to speak. The youth need to know they are good, they have potential, strength and courage.”

Wilma Bell-Joe


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