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Spotlight on Maryann Lomack

AUGUST 2021 - During the pandemic, the Elder Mentors took on new skills and learned to use iPads allowing them to engage virtually with one another until members could safely return to the classroom with children again. Elder Mentor, Maryann Lomack learned technical skills, exchanging pictures and videos with others. In one video footage, she gives us a tour of a fish camp site.

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Connor Has Pride

JUNE 2021 - Connor Ulmer brings heritage of pride, embracing June as LGBTQ and Two-Spirit month with courage and strength. My English name is Connor Ulmer, my Tlingit name is Deikeenaak’w (Little Haida). My grandfather, George Obert, was the person who had the name and was given to me in 2002 at his Koo.éek’ (Potlatch).

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Spotlight on Rebekah

MAY 2021 - Rebekah Contreras shares her story of hope during COVID-19 in recognition of May Mental Health Awareness Month. Every one of us has our Sovereignty, sovereignty is an individual right, it is a Human right, and its an inherent right: Inherited from who you are and where you come from.

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Keet Kids Run

MARCH 2021 - Parents and guardians of program participants were grateful to have Keet Kids Run as an option for their children this year. Boys Run I toowú klatseen is a ten week after-school program for third to fifth graders that helps build self-esteem, healthy relationship skills, and respect. It works to combat Alaska’s high rates of suicide, substance abuse...

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My Grandma's House

JANUARY 2021 - During the pandemic we rode on snow machines, went sledding, made Mother’s Day cards, picked berries, sewed neck warmers, made jam, baked, went caroling and made ornaments and gifts. We tried our best to take away the stress and anxiety in our lives.

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Spotlight on Kiana

DECEMBER 2020 - Even the fish were hiding from COVID-19... The program let the kids find a way to have a good activity where they could safely distance. Masks were worn at all time during the entire fishing activity.

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Athabascan Woman Blog with Angela Łot'oydaatlno Gonzalez

MAY 2020 - I spend a day berry picking with my daughter and friend near Wasilla, Alaska, and documented the adventure. It’s a Life in A Day YouTube documentary project submission. It was a fun day of picking and putting it away for the winter. I’m grateful for time on the land and for the rich resources it provides.

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Circle Peacemaking Successes

AUGUST 2019 - The circle is not only approved by our Ancestors, but is also an evidence-based tool that has been proven a useful tool in juvenile delinquency, alcohol/substance abuse, and conflict resolution. Hear from three participants who benefited from RurAL CAP's Circle Training.

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Hooper Bay Sobriety Celebration

APRIL 2019 - The community of Hooper Bay generates hope and resilience through strengthening the connection among their people.

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The Calricaraq Experience

MARCH 2019 - Calricaraq, translated “Healthy Living”, is a culturally-based program utilizing Yup’ik culture, values, and traditions to address behavioral health issues from a holistic, indigenous approach. Hear from three participants who benefited from RurAL CAP's Calricaraq Workshop.

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Wilma Bell-Joe is Making a Difference!

YEAR 2018 - Wilma believes, “Education is very important, how to stay in school and then learning how to work together as a group, work with the council members, work with other organizations.

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Trisha Madros

YEAR 2017 - Tribal Youth Program Shines in Nulato, Alaska. Every year Trisha takes her youth group to Fairbanks to dance and this year Tristan led the dance group: Our Athabascan dance group was able to sing every song.

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How Dog Mushing Helps Village Youth

YEAR 2013 - When you catch dog mushing fever, it affects your mind, body and spirit. The community of Huslia has embraced the Frank Attla Youth & Sled Dog Care program. Angela Gonzalez and contributions from The Resource Basket Staff.

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