Success Stories

Your story will inspire and support others in their journey to building a healthier community.

RurAL CAP is passionate about providing opportunities and resources for professionals working with youth.  

Everybody loves success!

Keet Kids Run

(2021)  Boys Run I toowú klatseen

My Grandma’s House

(2020)  Cynthia Erickson’s Story

Spotlight on Kiana

(2020)  Catching fish, not COVID-19

Circle Peacemaking Successes

(2019)  Three Circle Process Stories

Hooper Bay Sobriety Celebration

(2019)  The Goodness of Hooper Bay

The Calricaraq Experience

(2019)  Three Success Stories

Wilma Bell-Joe

(2018)  Making A Difference

Trisha Madros

(2017) Tribal Youth Program Shines in Nulato, Alaska

How Dog Mushing Helps Village Youth

(2013)  Angela Gonzalez and contributions from The Resource Basket Staff

Please share with us how the services and trainings provided by RurAL CAP have impacted your community through your servicing role? 

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