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2019:  Calricaraq – Healthy Living

Calricaraq, translated “Healthy Living”, is a culturally-based program utilizing Yup’ik culture, values, and traditions to address behavioral health issues from a holistic, indigenous approach.

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Louisia Walker

“Wilderness is the best medicine.”  – Louisia Walker

I have had two prior Calricaraq trainings before coming to the RurAL CAP March 2019 training.  Honestly, I feel more comfortable opening up and sharing stories of suicides and the impact it has on today’s youth.  The first two trainings, I was nervous and overwhelmed with the information but over time, I gained more knowledge and experience telling stories in the school classroom.  I have become stronger and braver.  My eyes are more open to understanding and helping others stay culturally connected and safe.

A dear family member of mine committed suicide when I was seven years old.  For a very long time, the emptiness of his presence left me angry and devastated.  Decades later, now with 9 beautiful children who keep me busy 24/7, I feel I have a different and healthier perspective on life thanks to the knowledge I picked up from attending the Calricaraq trainings.  My motto for keeping the youth culturally connected and humble is:  “Wilderness is the best medicine”.  Being outside can unload life’s worries and stressors while breathing fresh air of positivity.

Breathing in fresh air of positivity.

Martina Georges

Healing families through Circle Talks.

We have had several youth and young adults who enjoy the Circle because they’re given a voice and feel they are encouraged to find a better path.  I know of a handful who have done a Circle who are still using their plan we came up with in their lives (they put it on their wall where they can see it).  There has been one who came back as a participant/mentor who shared their story and how it helped him with his life.  There is another family who put the Talking Circle in a young man’s plan so it was not just him who needed better communication skills.  They felt that their own family Circle helped improve their relationships.  There are so many stories that helps me become a better person and research, research and research more in finding ways to improve my own relationships with my family and also the community.

Circles improving relationships

Gladys Askoak

2019 Personal Reflection

When we have both young and old inspirational speakers the community and the youth that see and hear the stories or their songs motivates them and they want to better their lives.  They see that if they can do it they can too.  It is always good to have inspirational speakers, unfortunately it also costs to have some one come to speak their stories or songs or share their experience so that’s always a downfall.  

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