Working with the Youth

Working with the Youth

Providing Resources and Information

Children will thrive when they receive guidance, hope, and love from an adult mentor.  A trusting and optimistic relationship with parents/guardians, elders and community volunteers can have a profound effect on the success of a child’s life, including personal growth and development, avoidance of risky behaviors, and increased educational success.

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Working With Youth

Resources – Helping Young Alaskans Succeed

Supplemental Resources

The Resource Basket is not a direct service provider.   We are here to provide helpful links to connect parents, families, caregivers and the community at large with the resources needed to protect Alaska Native youth and strengthen Alaska’s tribal communities.

Suicide Prevention

Culturally Relevant – Evidence Based Research on Suicide Prevention

Promoting Community Conversations About Research to End Suicide (PC CARES) is a community health intervention designed, supported, and implemented by the remote communities of Northwest Alaska. PC CARES builds communities of practice among local and regional service providers, community members, friends, and families to spark multilevel and sustained efforts for suicide prevention. In this model, monthly learning circles supported by local facilitators foster personal and collective learning about suicide prevention in order to spur practical action on multiple levels to prevent suicide and promote health.

Safety Hotlines - Immediate Intervention

Know The Warning Signs

Suicide Prevention Training

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services

  • Safe TALK
  • The Alaska Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training
  • Living Works Education
  • ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • QPR for Suicide Prevention
  • Living Matters

Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Transforming Tribal Communities

More Videos

Domestic Violence

Help break the cycle of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse in a relationship before they become adults.

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (ANDVSA)
To be a collective voice for victims and survivors and to support those agencies and communities working to prevent and eliminate domestic and sexual violence.

The Yup’ik Women’s Coalition

End sexual violence and oppression

The Yup’ik Women’s Coalition (YWC) strives to promote safety of women through education and advocacy. The YWC is committed to organize community efforts to end violence against women and children within Yup’ik villages through strengthening the traditional Yup’ik beliefs and teachings that have guided our people for thousands of years. The YWC is dedicated to the safety of women and believe in all the rights of all people to live without fear, threat, violence and oppression.

Crisis Support

Find resources and directory of shelters across Alaska:

Teen Safety Card

To end violence and oppression

The safety card and its poster, with card pockets, are for teens.  Created in partnership with Alaska teens.  The getting together teen safety card reads like a magazine quiz.  Assess relationships for healthy and abusive behavior, and learn how to help a friend. 


Other Publications and Resources

Alcoholism & FASD

Reducing delinquency by supporting Alaska Native communities

Celebrating the Goodness of Hooper Bay

Sobriety is a daily struggle; if you are working at being sober, the community is there supporting you. Sobriety, or effort to sobriety, could be for days, weeks, or years. If you are making an effort, we want to recognize your strength! Be a ROLE MODEL for our YOUTH! Be the ENCOURAGEMENT we all need! — Agatha Napoleon

Recover Alaska

OUR VISION:   Alaskans live free from the consequences of alcohol misuse, so we are empowered to achieve our full potential.

ADVOCACY:   Shape legislation and policies that help to reduce alcohol abuse and build constituencies for change.

Alaska Center for FASD

The Alaska Center for FASD was founded in April of 2017 by a group that includes those who have family members with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) and professionals who work with children and adults with FASDs. The organization is currently growing and working to determine the focus of its mission and activities.

Tobacco Prevention

About YEAH

In an effort to have a tobacco-free Alaska, RurAL CAP staff support a statewide youth advocacy coalition called the Youth Encouraging Alaskans’ Health (YEAH) Teen Ambassadors. This group of youth leaders from across the state meet regularly using teleconferences, emails and social media to develop their work around tobacco prevention and advocacy at the local and statewide levels. Research has shown that engaging young people in tobacco control issues is a strategy in changing social norms and preventing the initiation of tobacco use.

Teen Cessation Support


Call the Quit Line for your quit kit and check out these resources below for more support!

Quit materials and community resources categorized by AK Native 5 major regions.

Extra Resources

Crisis Support

Disaster Services

Alaska 2-1-1  is your one-stop resource for finding help in your community.  It’s free, confidential and available in almost any language.  For life challenges or everyday needs, help starts here. 

Careline Alaska is free and confidential. We treat callers with respect and listen without judgment.


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